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Buy innosilicon miner. Innosilicon is a world class one-stop shop of high-speed mixed signal IPs and ASIC custom solutions for a full range of processes from 130nm to 5nm across the world’s top foundries (TSMC/Samsung/GlobalFoundries/SMIC/UMC/Intel/HLMC/XMC, etc.), especially for FinFET processes below 22nm. So far, Innosilicon is the sole technology partner in China who has access to the 5nm process library provided by Samsung and TSMC combined with the design-to-tapeout capability.

Backed by its 15 years of technical expertise in developing cutting-edge IPs and ASIC products, Innosilicon has assisted our valued partners, including Amazon, AMD, Cypress, Google, Microchip, Micron, Microsoft, Synaptics, and OnSemi to name but a few, in achieving the success of billions of chips in mass-production, being at the forefront for 10 consecutive years.

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