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Money doesn’t grow on trees, you mine it! We provide professional crypto mining consultations and quality mining machines.So you can start your farm today and start generating passive income 24/7 with high yield, fast ROI pre-built crypto mining rigs. No experience is necessary, we’ll set everything up. All you need to do is plug in, turn on and sit and watch your investment grow.


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Why use our cryptocurrency mining equipment as a bitcoin miner?

At the beginning, most bitcoin miners used their own CPU for mining bitcoin, but very quickly this was not enough to mine in quantity. Miners then moved to using their Graphic Cards GPUs because they were able to hash data up to 100 times faster and consumed much less power per unit of work. We sell only products that can actually make you a profit.

Over time, the conditions to mine in high quantity became very high and people who want to successfully mine, need a powerful cryptocurrency mining equipment. That’s why we offer you the best…


GeForce RTX Graphic Cards And Mining Machines

High-speed and top-notch performance to rip through the most demanding games and intense mining. Experience the exclusive collection of GPUs from the best brands at Electronic Key Points. From gaming to mining, Vipera is a reliable source for your GPU needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

About warranty?
We are U.S. registered company, we are required to offer 6 moths full warranty to all our products. However we offer the possibility of warranty extension, only if the extension is made withing first 6 months.
New product got released can I upgrade my current one?
Definitely you can, only if the product is bought from us. We will let you know your trade value and what you will need to pay for the upgrade.
All your products come from China?
In most cases we have your product in stock therefore no 2+ weeks waiting time on DELIVERY from China. Most of our customers are based in U.S. and EU UNION. The only exception are the pre-order products that are not released yet. Even in this situation we are doing the best to make sure that our customers get the products ASAP. We do understand time pressure and we will always try to do our best.
With who you share my information?
We understand you privacy and we ensure that we do not share your information with no one outside our company. No third-party entities, no government agencies of any kind of any country. Your information is fully encrypted to 4096 bit, our own employees have no access to sensitive information.
Can I do a returns?
Our policy about returns is NO QUESTION ASK. You are entitle for a refund in 60 days from the date you received your product (signature will be required).
May I return my product if I changed my mind?
Yes you can, in a 30 day time frame from receiving.Products that are custom configured, build to order and personalized cannot be cancelled or refunded.

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I love owning miners with Crypto Mining GPU Shop, I just purchase the miners, I don’t need to service or manage them, and I just watch the coins land in my wallet!Trusted Customer

I always hesitated to take the plunge into Mining, but all my concerns were alleviated when I met the Crypto Mining GPU Shop teamTrusted Customer

Crypto Mining GPU Shop never pushed a sale on me once, they let me take my time and invest based on my own decisions. I have never looked back since joining Crypto Mining GPU ShopTrusted Customer

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